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- 33 ratings
Just added! Export your sight data to a file or directly to Dropbox. You can also include KML in your export to graph your sight reductions on Google ...
HERE - Offline navigation, maps, traffic, public transit
- 335 ratings
Mentioned in TechCrunch, Mashable and the Wall Street Journal Here's to finding your way no matter where you are. Here's to embracing the world ...
PickMeUp - Send Directions Fast
- 6 ratings
PickMeUp is the fastest way to send someone REAL directions to your exact location. NO LOGINS OR ACCOUNTS REQUIRED! Unlike most 'Location' Apps, ...
Ployd Black Box
- 40 ratings
Deployed in vehicles that frequently work in heavy traffic situations at risk of a variety of accidents, Ployd BlackBox effectively serves its ...
Current Location
- 9 ratings
The sole purpose of this app is to display your current street address, as you go.
- 48 ratings
All cycle lanes are now available in one great app. Go on new adventures on your bike and discover the world!
- 250 ratings
Moving map with current IFR/VFR/TAC/FLY/HIFR aviation charts. DOUBLE TAP on map to view A/FD and approach plate. Map has VFR/IFR/LIFR color-coded ...
GPS Locator
- 267 ratings
A simple application that shows the user the exact geographic location in degrees, minutes and seconds. Along with that you can get the course in ...
phillysubway for Philadelphia SEPTA subways: MFL and BSL
- 22 ratings
Phillysubway is a simple schedule viewer and map for Philadelphia's subway lines: the Market-Frankford El and the Broad Street Subway. If the device ...
Trainboard Philadelphia for SEPTA Regional Rail
- 50 ratings
Up to date with Feb 10, 2013 train schedules. Actively maintained since March of 2010. Custom code written just for Philadelphia, not a ...
MPH/KPH Speedometer
- 48 ratings
MPH/KPH Speedometer that displays your speed on a smooth analog dial. Latest update adds support for iPhone 5. The white needle records your ...
Mexico - Offline Map
- 304 ratings
This application provides you with offline maps for MEXICO with features such as searching and ROUTING without the need of an internet connection
- 8 ratings
Interactive Augmented Reality (live camera view augmented by virtual elements) 3D compass with POI navigation and basic map features. Unlike other ...
Minneapolis Lakes
- 5 ratings
Want to know where the beaches are at the Minneapolis Lakes? This app will show you where to find them. Playgrounds? Beaches? Bird watching? Picnic ...
Speedometer+ G12 (Car speedometer, Bike cyclometer)
- 4 ratings
Speedometer+ G12 (Car speedometer, Bike cyclometer) Features included - Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. - Retina Display ...
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