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Rain Harvest
- 6 ratings
Have you ever wondered how much rain falls on your roof during a typical rain storm? Use this simple rain harvesting calculator to find out. You will ...
Bogotá Bus [Pro]
- 80 ratings
This is a portable (offline, no internet required) guide to the Bogotá, Colombia bus system for your iPod Touch or iPhone. If you are visiting ...
- 37 ratings
THE MOST INTERACTIVE AND BEAUTIFUL ROSARY APP EVER! Perfect, Amazing, Wonderful, Brilliant, Impressed, Beautiful, Love it, Best Rosary App I ever ...
BFV (Videos for Battlefield)
- 33 ratings
Battlefield Videos is the best mobile application for the latest Battlefield reviews, trailers, pictures and news.
Design Shots — Dribbble Client
- 38 ratings
Design Shots is the best way to browse Dribbble on your iPhone. Scroll through the images posted by the best designers on Dribbble, view animated ...
FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook (Premium)
- 10 ratings
The Instruments Procedures Handbook (FAA-H-8261-1) is designed as a technical reference for professional pilots who operate under instrument rules ...
Corona Tools
- 9 ratings
This app is intended to give gardeners a new hand-held tool with many of the basics needed to master successful growing and maintenance in your ...
iSurvival - Wilderness Survival Manual HD
- 20 ratings
Military Grade Wilderness Survival Manual. This is the Army Survival manual (FM 21-76) used to teach solders basic survival and evasion techniques.
Build Commander for StarCraft 2
- 87 ratings
Experience Build Commander’s new voice command! This app’s new feature is combined with unit images, hot keys, and custom text messages ...
Bible Promises
- 3853 ratings
Bible Promises is the principal Bible topical reference guide on the App Store, containing more than 500 of the most popular verses organized by ...
Divine Names – Memorize the 99 names of Allah
- 52 ratings
The 99 Names of Allah are presented in Arabic along with their audio and English translation and transliteration. Our beloved Prophet, may peace and ...
Veg Quotes - Vegetarian and Vegan Inspiration
- 10 ratings
Vegetarian and Vegan Quotes Are you questioning if you should eat animals or not? Would you like to know what Einstein or Pamela Anderson think ...
i.Praise Plus
- 43 ratings
Now praising God in song is even easier than it was before! i.Praise version 2.1 comes with an updated ipad/iphone interface that has MANY MANY new ...
Army Survival Study Guide
- 5 ratings
Because the first time you need this app can't be the first time you use this app! Think about that for a moment. Can you count on having your ...
A Computer Dictionary
- 46 ratings
Computer Dictionary is less than 4Mb, other dictionaries with fewer terms take up 6Mb-12Mb on your device. Our new Computer Dictionary is one of the ...
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