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Go Social is the must have app to get you going places with social media. It features over 150 tips from Rebecca Subbiah, blogger, dietitian and social media consultant and Nadine Fisher, Internet Entrepreneur, app and web developer. Tips from experts in the field including Craig Kanalley, @HuffingtonPost senior editor, and Sree Sreenivasan, Professor/Dean of Journalism at Columbia University and technology and social media expert are also included. In addition there are tips from Tonya Hall, host of a social media radio show, and Neal Shaffer, social media speaker and author. The app also has tips from other media savvy nutrition and health professionals including Elisa Zied and Keri Gans, bloggers, registered dietitians, and authors. The app will help you learn to make meaningful connections, grow your business or personal brand, and have fun with social media.
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