The Dark Age

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In the Middle Ages, there was a terrific, miserable and suffocating atmosphere pervading all over the European continent.
The pandemic of plague broke out all over the land. Feudalism and the setting up of separatist regime by force of arms lead to frequent battles which caused
enormous death and disappearance. People were living in hopeless pain, and such a memorable period was named as "the Dark Age".
The story began with the adventuring-loving hero had arrived a village called "Moterloo".
According to the villagers, the feudal lord lost him temper one day suddenly.
The tyranny resulted in riots of the villagers. However, they were suppressed by the lord's force very quickly.
The feudal lord forced all the strong men to mine gold in a cave since then. Soilders were ordered to guard strictly outside.
No one was allowed to enter or leave the cave throughout the 3 years. Also, there were continuous misterious disappearances of the remaining villagers.
In order to find out the truth and save the villagers, the Hero decided to get into the cave for investigation.
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